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Document Restoration and Recovery

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There are some instances that we experience calamities and all that will be left to do is to save our lives without minding any other things to save, especially when we talk about fire, tsunami, and earthquake, which can progress so soon, leaving you no choice but to leave valuable things and choose to live.

Fortunately, there are services that offer different kinds of restorations. For houses that are dilapidated and destroyed by fire and water, restoration services Colorado is always available in providing you their services that are the best quality. However, how about the documents and paper that we could save form the fire and water? Are there methods on how to have them back? If you want to know more about this, you have come to the right article.

There are several trained specialists who can do property restoration and disaster recovery, which can also restore documents and papers destroyed by the fire and water due to flood and fire incidents. They are able to restore almost any type of document, from standard paper to damaged photographs. The following are the things they are able to restore:

  • File, magazine, manuscript
  • Audiotapes and videotapes
  • Drawing, map, blueprint
  • Parchment
  • Data file
  • Book
  • Archives, library materials


Document damaged by the flood

There are photos and papers that can be restored even if they are already damaged by the flood. The professionals will use different solutions and equipment such as vacuum freeze dryers, desiccant drying, thermal vacuum freeze dryers, molecular sieves that are made exclusively to restore documents, paper,s books, and other materials.

Document damaged by the fire

When flood is not the enemy, you also have a very disastrous substitute – fire. Fire is extremely destructive as it destroys everything on its way. If there is a fire and there is leftover damage from smoke, specialist restores it through state-of-the-art cleaning methods such as ionized air washing, particulate removal sponges, and a variety of deodorization techniques.

Documents damaged by the molds

Molds can be seen everywhere in your house most especially to damp and crawling spaces like the attic, roof, and basement. If your documents are infected with mold, bacterial, or mildew, the process of restoring it involves sterilization of the papers and documents using gamma radiation or electron beam radiation. Also, this can help in saving all of the books that are infested by molds in the library, preventing further damage and spread.

Other companies are able to do asbestos and lead removal on papers, photographs, and documents.

Other possible services that these companies offer:

  • De-acidification
  • Document copying and imaging
  • Reframing and rematting
  • Rebinding and cover repair
  • Realignment and trimming
  • Straightening.


It is not easy to experience calamities such as flood and fire in life, and it becomes harder when you are left with no choice but to forget all the important thing and papers just to ave our life. Thankfully, with the existence of these services , we are able to restore back important papers and possessions we don’t want to lose.

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