Skin Care Tips for the Summer Season

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The hot blazing sun can be much hotter and scorching if the season is summer time, it is not a surprise if you have skin problems in this season time. The sun has three major rays and that rays are infrared or heat, visible light or the yellow thing, and ultraviolet rays which are the ones who will harm you. In this article we will talk about different skin tips for you to avoid being roasted in the hot sun and lessen your skin damage in the summer time madness. Omega+ skin care product can surely help you improve your skin state in the summer sun and help you not to be attractive by many diseases and all those things.


• Apply Sunscreen and Body Lotion

These two basic things which are applying body lotion and sunscreen if you ever go out in the sun are a must as they protect you from the UV rays. Sunscreen is a product in where will help you shade yourself from the sun and protect you from the deadly UV rays that is from the hot and scorching sun. The body lotion can make your skin feel lighter and seals the moisture of your body meaning that it can help your skin to be more moisturize and be hydrated. So, if you ever go out or if you want to go in a beach during summer time, never forget to apply or pack body lotion and sunscreen for you.

• Drink Water 8+ Times a Day

Water are very important as it makes your body function properly and help you live well and be hydrated; it can also benefit you in terms of your skin type. When drinking water, you can have a clearer skin and make you hydrated and can lessen your thought on the hot heat that’s coming from the sun or outside world. 8 to 12 water a day can surely help you have a nice skin but make sure that the water you drink are safe and isn’t contaminated of any kind. So, water is important, even more important than food as they’re the ones who keep you hydrated and can also make your skin look flawless and clean in the sun.

• Try to Exfoliate Your Body

If you are out in the sun, it means that there is even more shedding of skin cells than normal rate in a cool day as they are more active. If you just let those skin cells stay in your body then it can be dry and dull, so you better grab that exfoliator for a proper scrub in skins. In order to exfoliate your body, you should first get into the shower and grab a body scrub and scrub yourself till you are cleaner than when you have skin cells. So, make sure that every time you bath, which is every day, make sure to scrub yourself for you to have a healthier and cleaner skin in the sun.

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